New special issue

JCA has posted all of the articles that are to be published in a new special issue due out later this year.

The topic of the special issue is: The Financial Crises of 1997-98 and 2008-09: How Different Were They for Southeast Asia? It is guest edited by Rajah Rasiah, Kee Cheok Cheong and Richard Doner. View the titles and abstracts at the Taylor & Francis website for the journal.

The papers included are:

  • Crisis Effects on the Electronics Industry in Southeast Asia by Rajah Rasiah, Yap Xiao-Shan & V.G.R. Chandran Govindaraju
  • Macro-Economic Policy Responses to Financial Crises in Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand by Anita Doraisami
  • Financial Crises and Automotive Industry Development in Southeast Asia by Richard F. Doner & Peter Wad
  • Politics, Economic Crises and Corporate Governance Reforms: Regulatory Capture in Malaysia by Vighneswaran Vithiatharan & Edmund Terence Gomez
  • From Asian to Global Financial Crisis: Recovery Amidst Expanding Labour Precarity by Hwok-Aun Lee & Rene E. Ofreneo
  • Developers and Speculators: Housing, Ethnic Chinese Business and the Asian Financial Crisis in Malaysia by Kee Cheok Cheong, Poh Ping Lee & Kam Hing Lee


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