Reviewing Fforde on Development Economics

Bill Lucarelli, a recent author at JCA, has also contributed a new book review. This review examines Adam Fforde’s recent Understanding Development Economics, published by Routledge in 2013.

FfordeFforde has also been a JCA contributor in the past and is a prolific author, mainly writing on Vietnam. This new book is his attempt to introduce development economics to both economists and students of development who are not economists.

Like all good reviews, Lucarelli also raises some questions and offers some criticisms.In the end, this is an ambitious book that Lucarelli describes as “a valuable contribution to some of the perennial controversies that continue to inform its practitioners.” He applauds “Fforde’s wide-ranging analytical scope and profound understanding of the contending approaches to the study of development economics.”

Lucarelli points to Fforde’s excellent outline of heterodox economics as particularly useful.



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