Child Soldiering on Myanmar-China Border

In a new review at the JCA website, co-editor Geoffrey Gunn looks at the book Comparative Study of Child Soldiering on Myanmar-China Border: Evolutions, Challenges and Countermeasures, by Kai Chen (DOI: 10.1080/00472336.2015.1015235).

ChenPublished by Springer in 2014, this slim volume examines an important issue. Gunn says that it “packs a powerful message…”. The message is that “contrary to human dignity and international law, some nations and rebel groups abet child soldiering.”

As a short account, Gunn observes that the book is “synoptic and report-like in its presentation,” but is still  “exhaustively researched from the secondary literature,” even if it is “shoe-horned into a political science framing with a communitarian bias…”.

Gunn concludes that the book “deserves attention not only for its Myanmar focus, especially as the country opens up to foreign investment, tourism, and outside scrutiny, but also from development workers and others engaged in the child soldier issue in general.”

Unfortunately, the 90 page book comes with a hefty price tag.

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