China and the Region

Regular reviewer Kosmas Tsokhas has a long review of the new book China’s Regional Relations: Evolving Foreign Policy Dynamics by Mark Beeson and Fujian Li at JCA (DOI: 10.1080/00472336.2015.1025602). Beeson

Published in 2014 by Lynne Rienner, the book is said to be an “authoritative survey of power maximisation and strategic calculation … [that argues that] as China’s leaders acquire a broad international agenda, many of the political values, policy preferences, bargaining tactics and diplomatic styles that they may employ are being forged in China’s own region.”

While Tsokhas generally likes the book, he is critical of it for a relative lack of attention to what might be called a political economy perspective that would have more fully considered  profits and regionalism. The reviewer spends considerable effort suggesting how a political economy approach might add considerably to the work by Beeson and Li.


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