Dissent, power and Islam

In a new book review at JCA, Gwenaël Njoto-Feillard reviews a new book, Between Dissent and Power: The Transformation of Islamic Politics in the Middle East and Asia (DOI: 10.1080/00472336.2015.1033865), edited by Khoo Boo Teik, Vedi Hadiz and Yoshiho Nakanashi, and published by Palgrave Macmillan.Between

The reviewer notes that the book results from a research project initiated in 2010 by the Institute of Developing Economies (IDE-JETRO), Japan, and Murdoch University’s Asia Research Centre in Perth, Australia. It is a theoretically-grounded approach, where the theory does seem to impinge on most of the chapters in the collection.

Njoto-Feillard concludes that the “authors manage to achieve a good balance between a general contextual approach and a more in-depth analysis…. In short, this volume is a remarkable contribution to the knowledge of the recent transformations in Islamic politics in the Middle East and Asia and proves essential for anyone studying the subject.”

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