Resistance and subaltern studies 5

The fifth article for the feature section of our forthcoming Issue 4 in 2015 edited by Uday Chandra and Kenneth Bo Nielsen is now available at the JCA website.

Part of the feature titled Rethinking Resistance: Subaltern Politics and the State in Contemporary India, this article is authored by Judith Whitehead. “Au Retour a Gramsci: Reflections on Civil Society, Political Society and the State in South Asia” (DOI: 10.1080/00472336.2015.1045725) is a critical analysis of “Partha Chatterjee’s recent concepts of civil society and political society, showing that their binary character is derived from a culturalist conflation of capitalism with modernity. In turn, modernity becomes equated with a naturalised liberal democratic state, precluding any appreciation of how resistance can and does shape the character of the state.”

The article also “compares Chatterjee’s categories of civil and political society to those of Gramsci, arguing that a return to classical Gramscian categories, along with an appreciation of the impact of colonialism on state forms, can provide studies of resistance with a richer and more elegant understanding of social change from below in contemporary India.”

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