New reviews on China

At teh publisher’s website for JCA, two new reviews are available, reflecting on quite different aspects of China’s development.

NolanThe first review is by Geoffrey C. Gunn, who reviews Understanding China: The Silk Road and the Communist Manifesto (DOI: 10.1080/00472336.2016.1139160), authored by Peter Nolan.

Gunn states that Nolan sees managing growth and China’s Marxist legacy as two of the significant policy challenges facing China. And, he sees this as a “provocative and rewarding book.”

In 190 pages, Nolan uses two chapters on notions like the “Silk Road” as a “foil for a discussion on China’s international connections reaching back to the Han dynasty, allowing a detour on China’s historical ‘ownership’ of the South China Sea.” He spends a second chapter on the South China Sea controversy before turning to two chapters on the legacy of the Communist Manifesto and class struggle.

ChanderThe second review is also on issues related to Chinese economic growth, but about measuring it rather than its broad sweep. Yvonne J. Chen and Chang Yee Kwan review China’s Statistical System: Three Decades of Change and Transformation (DOI: 10.1080/00472336.2015.1136673), authored by Ramesh Chander.

They consider that Chander provides “an extremely accessible account of the history and a critique of the prospective and necessary changes to China’s main statistical agency – the National
Statistics Bureau (NSB).” They conclude that “there is much to be gleaned from the volume. It serves as a good manual for empirical researchers who would like to get an overview of data available in China.”

As a former Chief Statistician of Malaysia, and having held senior advisory roles with the World Bank, he has the expertise and experience “to provide an insightful discussion” on three themes: (i) the history and organisation of China’s statistical system; (ii) legal
and structural reforms implemented to date; and (iii) future reforms and accompanying
challenges needed for the NSB to become a statistical agency of international standing.


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