Communal Violence in Myanmar: Roundtable Discussion

Readers in the USA may find the following Roundtable of interest, involving Nick Cheesman, the guest editor of a forthcoming special issue of the journal bearing the same title and contributor to that issue,  Matt Schissler of the Anthropology Department at Michigan University, among others.

The Center for Southeast Asian Studies at Michigan University presents the Roundtable.

Monday, March 27, 2017, 12:00-1:30 PM
Room 1636 School of Social Work Building

Details: Since 2012, Myanmar has experienced recurrent, sporadic, collective acts of lethal violence, realized through repeated public expressions that Muslims constitute an existential threat to Buddhists. Much of this has been directed at those who identify as Rohingya, but it has not been limited to this category. The panelists discuss the narratives, genealogies and typologies of this violence, drawing on scholarship from South and Southeast Asia.

Panelists: Nick Cheesman, Fellow, Department of Political & Social Change Coral Bell School of Asia Pacific Affairs, Australian National University, 2016-17 Member of Princeton’s Institute for Advanced Study

Mike McGovern Associate Professor, Anthropology & Director of Undergraduate Studies, University of Michigan

Matt Schissler Doctoral Student in Anthropology, University of Michigan

Moderated by Allen Hicken, Associate Professor of Political Science, University of Michigan


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