Youth in China

Kosmas Tsokhas has produced another review of a recent book on China. His review of Youth Cultures in China (DOI: 10.1080/00472336.2017.1359652) by Jeroen de Kloet and Anthony Y. H. Fung is at the the JCA publisher’s website. The book is from Polity Press.

Tsokhas says this is “a sophisticated and erudite account” of the ways that Chinese youth experiment with identities and navigate the world of modern China. Sexuality, feminism, politics, rock music and social media all play a role.

Looking forward, de Kloet and Fung “surmise that Chinese youth can think, feel and act imaginatively and critically so as to anticipate and aspire to a politics of the future as difference…. So, before they are beset by the duties and obligations of adult family life, if their rebellions inclinations do not evolve into tacit acceptance or into active approval of things as they are,” Chinese youth can undertake “small interventions, piecemeal changes, occasional resistance and locally specific alternative subjectivities” which could have political consequences.

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