Issue 2 for 2018 published

Issue number 2 for Volume 48 (2018) of the journal has gone to print and is available electronically at the publisher’s site.

This number is a special issue, featuring two additional research articles and book reviews.

The special issue is edited by Helen E. S. Nesadurai and Shaun Breslin and titled Who Governs and How? Non-State Actors and Transnational Governance in Southeast Asia. This special includes the following articles:

The introduction, Who Governs and How? Non-State Actors and Transnational Governance in Southeast Asia by Shaun Breslin and Helen E. S. Nesadurai (available for free download)

New Constellations of Social Power: States and Transnational Private Governance of Palm Oil Sustainability in Southeast Asia by Helen E. S. Nesadurai

Building Governance from Scratch: Myanmar and the Extractive Industry Transparency Initiative by Marco Bünte

Governing the Safety and Security of the Malacca Strait: The Nippon Foundation between States and Industry by Alice D. Ba

Governing Domestic Worker Migration in Southeast Asia: Public–Private Partnerships, Regulatory Grey Zones and the Household by Juanita Elias

Economic Governance Beyond State and Market: Islamic Capital Markets in Southeast Asia by Lena Rethel

The additional research articles are:

The Limits of Gender Quotas: Women’s Parliamentary Representation in Indonesia by Ben Hillman

Bases That Leave: Consequences of US Base Closures and Realignments in South Korea by Claudia J. Kim

The book reviews in this issue are:

A History of Ayutthaya: Siam in the Early Modern Period reviewed by Robert H. Taylor

Ethnic Conflict and Protest in Tibet and Xinjiang. Unrest in China’s West reviewed by Colin Mackerras

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