Open Access Books

We have noticed that Routledge is making some of its books open access. We are not sure exactly how to find them all, but in searching the publisher’s site we found two that may be of interest for JCA readers. They are:

Transnational Migration and Work in Asia, edited By Kevin Hewison and Ken Young (2005).

Globalization and Labour in the Twenty-First Century, by Verity Burgmann (2016).

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2 Responses to Open Access Books

  1. Hi!
    Their open access books are probably all available in the Directory of Open Access Books (
    In addition, at Springer Nature, we have published a few open access titles through Palgrave Macmillan and SpringerOpen that might be of interest to you, which you can download for free here:
    You can also search within that list, eg here are the results for ‘Asia’ as a keyword:
    [Disclaimer: I work for Springer Nature!]

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