Issue 5 for 2018 published

Issue number 5 for Volume 48 (2018) of the journal has gone to print and is available electronically at the publisher’s site. This number of the journal is a special issue. It also features one additional research article and two book reviews.

The special issue, titled Party-State Governance and Rule in Laos, is edited by Simon Creak of the Humanities and Social Studies Education Academic Group at the National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore and Keith Barney of the Resources Environment and Development Group, Crawford School of Public Policy, The Australian National University, Canberra, Australia.

This special includes the following articles:Free download

Conceptualising Party-State Governance and Rule in Laos by Simon Creak and Keith Barney

Legitimation of the Lao People’s Revolutionary Party: Socialism, Chintanakan Mai (New Thinking) and Reform by Norihiko Yamada

Party, State and the Control of Information in the Lao People’s Democratic Republic: Secrecy, Falsification and Denial by Ian G. Baird

Abolishing Illiteracy and Upgrading Culture: Adult Education and Revolutionary Hegemony in Socialist Laos by Simon Creak

Translating the State: Ethnic Language Radio in the Lao PDR by Nathan Badenoch

Structural Injustice, Slow Violence? The Political Ecology of a “Best Practice” Hydropower Dam in Lao PDR by David J.H. Blake & Keith Barney

The additional research article is:

Social Media and the Successful Anti-Mining Campaign in Bangka, Indonesia by Kristina Großmann

The book reviews are:

Buddhism, Politics and Political Thought in Myanmar reviewed by Ashley South

Bangladeshi Migration to Singapore: A Process-Oriented Approach reviewed by Mathew Mathews

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