Living in the Idiocene

JCA co-editor Toby Carroll and Jörg Nowak have authored “Forget the Anthropocene (for a minute); we are living in the Idiocene” at Rupture Magazine.

In a hard-hitting article, they argue that:

we live in a sort of end times in which the idiots have ascended and the masses are dosed up on bread and circuses; a period characterised by a rotten ruling class, infotainment, crumbling education systems (that do the opposite of preparing people for purposeful participation in civic life) and palliative consumption, the latter assuaging the banality of everyday life with ever-diminishing doses of dopamine.

They suggest that we are “forgetting the working class,” living “conveniently compartmentalised lives that … seamlessly leverage off incredible levels of ignorance (especially of social, political and environmental realities), cynicism, technology-fuelled escapism and debt.”

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