Issue 2 for 2019 published

Issue number 2 for Volume 49 of the journal has gone to print and is available electronically at the publisher’s site. This issue is a special issue of seven research articles. In addition, the issue includes a commentary and five book reviews.

The special issue is edited by Tak-Wing Ngo and Eva P. W. Hung and is titled, “Checkpoint Politics in Cross-border Exchanges.” The articles are:

The Political Economy of Border Checkpoints in Shadow Exchanges by Tak-Wing Ngo and Eva P. W. Hung

Shadow Economies and the State: A Comparison of Cassava and Timber Networks on the Cambodia-Vietnam Frontier by Sango Mahanty

Navigating Small-Scale Trade Across Thai-Lao Border Checkpoints: Legitimacy, Social Relations and Money by Sarah Elsing

Organised Informality and Suitcase Trading in the Pearl River Delta Region by Eva P. W. Hung and Tak-Wing Ngo

Cross-Border Trade and “the Market” between Xinjiang (China) and Pakistan by Alessandro Rippa

Between Border and Bazaar: Central Asia’s Informal Economy by Hasan H. Karrar

China–Africa Exports: Governance Through Mobility and Sojourning by Heidi Østbø Haugen

The commentary is:

Contradictions of India’s Right-wing Government and Growing Disenchantment by Raju J. Das

The book reviews are:

Khaki Capital. The Political Economy of the Military in Southeast Asia reviewed by Kevin Hewison

Penang and Its Networks of Knowledge reviewed by Geoffrey C. Gunn

The Labor of Care: Filipina Migrants and Transnational Families in the Digital Age reviewed by Jan-Jan Soon

Forget Chineseness: On the Geopolitics of Cultural Identification reviewed by Justin Wu

China’s Crony Capitalism: The Dynamics of Regime Decay reviewed by Kosmas Tsokhas

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