State enterprises in China

After a long delay, articles and book reviews are finally beginning to appear at the publisher’s website.

The first of these is a book review by Richard W. Carney of the China Europe International Business School in Shanghai, China. He looks at China’s State Enterprises: Changing Role in a Rapidly Transforming Economy, edited by Li Ran and Cheong Kee Cheok and published by Palgrave Macmillan in 2019.

Carney begins by stating that this collection “offers a nuanced and historically grounded analysis of China’s state-owned enterprises.” He states that the book has three strengths. First, “is its detailed examination of how the government’s control of firms has evolved over time.” Second it is a “comprehensive review of existing theories for state ownership and control and their performance.” Third, it reviews the historical foundations of modern China’s corporate and financial systems.”

While raising some differences in theory and analysis, Carney concludes that the book makes important contributions and raises intriguing possibilities for future research.

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