Apocalypse Economics and Economic Apocalypse

Co-editor Richard Westra has a post titled “Apocalypse Economics and Economic Apocalypse” with Palgrave Macmillan’s Exploring Economic History page, arguing, among other things that “Only under capitalism does economic life emerge transparently, as a separate sphere, permitting systematic study of ‘the economy’ in economic theory.”

He calls attention to the academic battle for relevance and position where the “dominant mainstream neoclassical economics establishes a bulwark against the posing of vital economic questions which challenge capitalist rationality.”

He says that:

Apocalypse Economics is a clarion call to critical economic traditions to not only engage in interdisciplinary analysis of the underlying forces wrecking financial havoc on societies but to expose the wrongheaded foundational theories which fail in a studied fashion to provide compelling explanations for current social malaise and offer substantive, enduring, transformatory socioeconomic solutions.


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