Alec Gordon (updated)

Alec Gordon has been with JCA pretty much since the journal began almost 50 years ago. He has published many times with us, most recently on his long-term research “A Last Word: Amendments and Corrections to Indonesia’s Colonial Surplus 1880–1939” in 2018. He and served on the editorial board for decades.

Only about a week ago, Alec was a featured speaker at a very successful conference on colonialism in Kuala Lumpur.

Sadly, on his return to Thailand, Alec has suffered a stroke and now needs help. At the moment, Alec is unable to talk or move one side of his body.

His daughter has set up a GoFundMe page to help raise some funds for the medical bills and other expenses. If readers, friends and colleagues are able to help by donating that would be greatly appreciated.

Updated news: I visited Alec several times over the past couple of weeks. He remains in hospital with his family around him. He remains in the ICU in Bangkok. Please help if you can at the GoFundMe page.

Kevin Hewison, Editor-in-chief, Journal of Contemporary Asia



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2 Responses to Alec Gordon (updated)

  1. Gerry Gribben says:

    Please send my email to Pailin Gordon and her mother Napat with my deepest condolenses on the death of Alec but also please ask them to GET IN TOUCH with me. [deleted for privacy] I knew Alec when he lived in London and I too had some interesting debates with him about Ireland . I have been trying to trace him and his family for years. MY email is [deleted for privacy].

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