Issue 5 for 2019 published

Issue number 5 of Volume 49 of the journal has gone to print and is available electronically at the publisher’s site. This is a special issue titled Two Decades of Reformasi in Indonesia: An Illiberal Turn? and guest edited by Rachael Diprose, Dave McRae and Vedi R. Hadiz, all of the University of Melbourne.

The special issue has seven articles and is filled out with three book reviews. The special issue articles are:

Two Decades of Reformasi in Indonesia: Its Illiberal Turn by Rachael Diprose, Dave McRae and Vedi R. Hadiz

Two Decades of Ideological Contestation in Indonesia: From Democratic Cosmopolitanism to Religious Nationalism by David M. Bourchier

Indonesia’s Quest for Food Self-sufficiency: A New Agricultural Political Economy? by Natasha Hamilton-Hart

Indonesia’s South China Sea Diplomacy: A Foreign Policy Illiberal Turn? by Dave McRae

Past Communal Conflict and Contemporary Security Debates in Indonesia by Rachael Diprose & Muhammad Najib Azca

Reshuffling the Deck? Military Corporatism, Promotional Logjams and Post-Authoritarian Civil-Military Relations in Indonesia by Evan A. Laksmana

Shifting from International to “Indonesian” Justice Measures: Two Decades of Addressing Past Human Rights Violations by Katharine McGregor and Ken Setiawan

The book reviews are:

Strangers Next Door? Indonesia and Australia in the Asian Century reviewed by Richard Robison

Land Dispossession and Everyday Politics in Rural Eastern India reviewed by Sirpa Tenhunen

Pentecostal Megachurches in Southeast Asia: Negotiating Class, Consumption, and the Nation reviewed by Graeme Lang

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