Issue 1 for 2020 published

Issue number 1  of Volume 50 of the journal has gone to print and is available electronically at the publisher’s site. This issue is the first of the Journal’s 50th year anniversary.

This is a regular issue, beginning with an Obituary for Alec Gordon.

This is followed by an Editorial, 50 Years of the Journal of Contemporary Asia, by Editor-in-chief Kevin Hewison.

Both are free to download.

The research articles begin with a Feature Section on Malaysia. The articles in this section are:

Is Inequality Really Declining in Malaysia? by Hwok-Aun Lee and Muhammed Abdul Khalid

Political Financing Reform: Politics, Policies and Patronage in Malaysia by Sebastian Dettman and Edmund Terence Gomez.

The Monetisation of Consent and its Limits: Explaining Political Dominance and Decline in Malaysia by Johan Saravanamuttu and Maznah Mohamad.

This section is followed by four research articles:

The Unruly Past: History and Historiography of the 1932 Thai Revolution by Arjun Subrahmanyan.

The Politics of Counter-Expertise on Aerial Spraying: Social Movements Denouncing Pesticide Risk Governance in the Philippines by Lisette J. Nikol and Kees Jansen.

Addressing Corruption in Post-Soeharto Indonesia: The Role of the Corruption Eradication Commission by Ahmad Khoirul Umam, Gillian Whitehouse, Brian Head and Mohammed Adil Khan.

At the Roots of Labour Activism: Chinese and Cambodian Garment Workers in Comparative Perspective by Ivan Franceschini.

These articles are followed by three book reviews:

Myanmar’s “Rohingya” Conflict reviewed by Ashley South.

World Trade Systems of the East and West. Nagasaki and the Asian Bullion Trade Networks reviewed by Arturo Giráldez.

Staggering Forward. Narendra Modi and India’s Global Ambition reviewed by Jon P. Dorschner.

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