Issue 3 for 2020 published

Issue number 3 of Volume 50 of the journal has gone to print and is available electronically at the publisher’s site. This issue is the third of the Journal’s 50th year anniversary.

It has been available for about two weeks, but we held off announcing it as the publisher needed to correct errors in the presentation of the papers online. This hasn’t yet happened, but our presentation below is correct. Hopefully the publisher corrects this soon.

The articles in the issue are divided into a feature section and regular articles and book reviews:

Feature Section: China in Comparative Perspective

Vietnam’s and China’s Diverging Industrial Relations Systems: Cases of Path Dependency by Anita Chan

Work and Family Life among Migrant Factory Workers in China and Vietnam by Kaxton Siu and Jonathan Unger

“Land Grabbing” in an Autocracy and a Multi-Party Democracy: China and India Compared by Lynette H. Ong

Drivers of China’s Regional Infrastructure Diplomacy: The Case of the Sino-Thai Railway Project by Laurids S. Lauridsen

Other Research Articles:

Is Irrigationalism a Dominant Ideology in Securing Hydrotopia in Mekong Nation States? by David J. H. Blake

Chaebol and the Turn to Services: The Rise of a Korean Service Economy and the Dynamics of Self-Employment and Wage Work by Solee I. Shin & Lanu Kim

Comparing Brokers in India: Informal Networks and Access to Public Services in Bihar and Gujarat by Ward Berenschot & Sarthak Bagchi

Book Reviews:

The Nagasaki Peace Discourse: City Hall and the Quest for a Nuclear Free World
reviewed by Richard Tanter

China’s Great Wall of Debt: Shadow Banks, Ghost Cities, Massive Loans and the End of the Chinese Miracle reviewed by Kosmas Tsokhas

China’s State Enterprises: Changing Role in a Rapidly Transforming Economy reviewed by Richard W. Carney

China’s Pathway towards Maritime Civilisation reviewed by Xiaolong Zou

Development with Global Value Chains: Upgrading and Innovation in Asia reviewed by Yvette To

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