Issue 2 for 2021 published

Issue number 2 of Volume 51 of the journal has gone to print and is available electronically at the publisher’s site.

This issue has a Feature Section on the Political Economy of Southeast Asia, a tribute to Bruce McFarlane and several other articles and book reviews. The articles in this feature are:


Journal of Contemporary Asia Prize 2021

A Noble Protagonist of the Proletariat and the Peasantry: A Tribute to Bruce McFarlane by Humphrey McQueen

Feature Section: Southeast Asian Political Economy

Capitalism, Conflict and Contradiction: Southeast Asia’s Development and the Reorganisation of Production by Toby Carroll

Inequality and Political Representation in the Philippines and Singapore by Garry Rodan

Crazy Rich Thais: Thailand’s Capitalist Class, 1980–2019 by Kevin Hewison

Thailand’s Public Secret: Military Wealth and the State by Ukrist Pathmanand and Michael K. Connors

Cycles of Accumulation and Industrial Slowdown in Malaysia: Rents, Social Forces and the Political Settlement by Jeff Tan

Other Research Articles in the issue are:

Commercial Micro-Credit, Neo-Liberal Agriculture and Smallholder Indebtedness: Three Bangladesh Villages by Manoj Misra

Recognition and Dissent: Constitutional Design and Religious Conflict in Pakistan by Imran Ahmed and Howard Brasted

The book reviews are:

Drums of War, Drums of Development. The Formation of a Pacific Ruling Class and Industrial Transformation in East and Southeast Asia, 1945–1980 reviewed by Kevin Hewison

Chinese Urbanism: Critical Perspectives reviewed by Kosmas Tsokhas

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