Peter Limqueco (1939-2022)

Peter in 2019

It is with deep sadness that we inform readers that Editor Emeritus Peter Limqueco has passed away.

As recently as last week, Peter had been communicating with members of the editorial board by email up.

When the journal was established in 1970, Peter was a driving force in developing an important publication with a remarkable editorial board that included many of the leading scholars opposed to the wars then being waged in Southeast Asia.

Visiting Vietnam in the early 1970s. Peter is second from right.

He worked tirelessly for the journal for more than 50 years. In that period he had resided, studied and worked in the Philippines, Sweden, and Thailand before returning to the Philippines.

With Gen Giap in Hanoi in early 2000s

When Peter stepped down as co-editor of the Journal, an appreciation was published. It remains free to view.

Born in Manila in 1939, Peter did his undergraduate studies at the University of the Philippines with postgraduate studies at the University of Stockholm and Uppsala University.

He worked with Bertrand Russell and an organiser of the Russell Tribunal on Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia in 1967.

In Sweden, Peter worked as a journalist and documentary filmmaker. His films with Ingrid Dahlberg and Lars Hjelm on the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam and Laos for Swedish Television were path-breaking.

Peter published in JCA, including interviews with leading political leaders in the region. He also produced several seminal books including: Industrialization and the Labour Process in Thailand (co-authored with Bruce McFarlane and Jan Odnoff, 1983), Neo-Marxist Theories of Development (co-edited with former journal co-editor Bruce McFarlane, 1983), Partisan Scholarship (1990), and Labour and Industry in ASEAN (1990) (co-authored with Bruce McFarlane and Jan Odnoff, 1990).

We will miss him greatly.

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