Social Changes in Contemporary Southeast Asia, December 2023

Call for papers

International Conference

Social Changes in Contemporary Southeast Asia
Exploring New Forms of Labour Regimes

14 -15 December 2023
Penang, Malaysia


As social, ethnic or religious, identity or position in the political hierarchy is more often pronounced in Southeast Asian societies, labour is rarely at the centre. In particular, labour does not often appear to be at the root of the formation of inequalities. In reality, the labour factor – including migrant labour – clearly fuels the regional dynamics of growth, and enables trade specialisation just as its mobilisation has, in the colonial past, enabled insertion into the international division of labour. Strangely, the concept of labour has too often remained on the margins of analysis of social changes in Southeast Asia.

This conference seeks to bring labour back in at the centre of the analysis. Offering a rare opportunity to pay tribute to the main oeuvres and pioneering authors in the field in Southeast Asia, it will open space to recent ongoing research on social changes with respect to labour relations, working conditions, labour norms, and wages. While also providing a forum for discussion and debate, together with scholars, researchers, public intellectuals and practitioners in the region during two days of scientific exchanges according to the following themes. The conference is organised in 4 parts, consisting respectively of an introductory keynote, a thematic session – 2 to 3 parallel panels – and a round table of experts.

  • Axis 1 : Global Value Chains and the Transformations of Labour in the region
  • Axis 2. Labour Law, Labour Unions, Industrial Relations, Wage Negotiations
  • Axis 3 : Labour Income and Wages Distribution
  • Axis 4 : Transnational Migrant Labour and Labour Norms

For more details, conference schedule, and contacts, dowload this information document.

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