Editorial Board

Editor-in-chief: Kevin Hewison (email: jca.editorial@gmail.com)

Editor emeritus: Peter Limqueco


  • Toby Carroll, Asian and International Studies, City University of Hong Kong
  • Geoffrey Gunn, Emeritus, Nagasaki University, Japan
  • Tak-Wing Ngo, Department of Government and Public Administration, University of Macau, China
  • Richard Westra, Centre for Macau Studies, University of Macau, China

Book Review Editor: Ahsan Ullah, Geography, Development and Environment, Universiti Brunei Darussalam (email: akmahsanullah@gmail.com)

The Editorial Board:

  • Shaun Breslin, Dept of Political and International Studies, University of Warwick, UK
  • Paul Cammack, Global Development Institute, University of Manchester, UK
  • Uday Chanda, School of Foreign Service, Georgetown University, Qatar
  • Noam Chomsky, Dept. of Linguistics, University of Arizona, USA
  • Frederic Clairmont, Geneva, Switzerland
  • Michael Connors, International Relations, Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University, China
  • Evelyn Devadason, Department of Economics, University of Malaya, Malaysia
  • Paul Gellert, Department of Sociology, University of Tennessee, USA
  • Alec Gordon, Bangkok, Thailand
  • Jim Glassman, Dept. of Geography, University of British Columbia, Canada
  • Vedi Hadiz, Asia Institute, University of Melbourne, Australia
  • Jane Hutchison, Asia Research Centre, Murdoch University, Australia
  • Khoo Boo Teik, National Graduate Research Institute of Policy Science, Tokyo, Japan
  • G.K. Lieten, Sociology-Anthropology Centre, University of Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Melody Chia-Wen Lu, Department of Sociology, University of Macau, China
  • Andrew Rosser, Asia Institute, University of Melbourne, Australia
  • Kwang Yeong Shin, Dept of Sociology, Chung-Ang University, Korea