Waiting for publication

*This page is updated monthly*

Waiting times. Intending authors should be aware that an accepted article does not immediately go to online publication.

Every article published undergoes a detailed editing by the Journal. This means that there is a delay between acceptance and online publication.

There is then a further delay to as online papers await hard-copy publication.

The current wait from article acceptance to editing by the journal is about 4-5 months. This is one of the shortest delays in several years. However, it is also a bit misleading in the context of a large number of papers having been accepted in April and May 2022. Expect that the delay may lengthen as those papers enter the editing process.

At present, Production is taking 4-8 weeks to process papers to online publication.

By the end of August 2022, all articles accepted up to 16 April 2022 were in the editing process, awaiting production, or published online.