US bases and Korea

Bases That Leave: Consequences of US Base Closures and Realignments in South Korea” (DOI: 10.1080/00472336.2017.1397728) is a new article at JCA’s site with our publisher.
Author Claudia J. Kim is a PhD student with the Department of Political Science at Boston University in the United States.

With the current tensions on the Korean peninsula, this article is a timely reminder of the social, environmental and economic costs associated with US bases there.

The abstract for the paper states:

Contrary to ample attention on American military base closures at home, the consequences of base closures abroad remain under-examined even as the American military continues to adjust its global force posture. South Korea, the third biggest host of US military bases overseas, is an under-investigated case despite offering useful insights applicable to other US base hosts. This article examines short-term local-level consequences of US base departures in South Korea, with a focus on environmental and redevelopment challenges that shape the political and economic fate of former base sites. Detailed analyses and interviews on the oft-overlooked fate of multiple post-military sites draw a rather unsettling picture: Most sites remain empty, temporarily deserted and heavily contaminated spaces plagued by redevelopment difficulties. When overseas American bases are closed, they leave problems behind and those problems persist long after base sites return to host communities.

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