Issue 4 for 2020 published

Issue number 4 of Volume 50 of the journal has gone to print and is available electronically at the publisher’s site. This issue is the fourth of the Journal’s 50th year anniversary and the second of three special issues due out this year.

This special issue is titled Legacies of the Cold War in East and Southeast Asia and edited by JCA editor Kevin Hewison and editorial board members Eva Hansson and Jim Glassman.

The articles in the special issue are:

Legacies of the Cold War in East and Southeast Asia: An Introduction by Eva Hansson , Kevin Hewison & Jim Glassman

Legacies of the Cold War in Malaysia: Anything but Communism by Meredith L. Weiss

The Emergence of Filipino Technocrats as Cold War “Pawns” by Teresa S. Encarnacion Tadem

Black Site: The Cold War and the Shaping of Thailand’s Politics by Kevin Hewison

Lineages of the Authoritarian State in Thailand: Military Dictatorship, Lazy Capitalism and the Cold War Past as Post-Cold War Prologue by Jim Glassman

US Covert Action in Cold War Japan: The Politics of Cultivating Conservative Elites and its Consequences by Brad Williams

More Than Anti-Communism: The Cold War and the Meanings of Democracy in Taiwan by Erik Mobrand

The special issue also includes a review article:

The Legacies of the Indonesian Counter-Revolution: New Insights and Remaining Issues by Olle Törnquist

Outside the special issue, a Commentary is included in the issue:

Old Wine in New Bottles? How Competitive Connectivity Revitalises an Obsolete Development Agenda in Asia by Jürgen Rüland

The issue is filled out with several book reviews:

Strait Rituals: China, Taiwan, and the United States in the Taiwan Strait Crisis, 1954–1958 reviewed by Geoffrey C. Gunn

Stranded Nation: White Australia in an Asian Region reviewed by Kanishka Jayasuriya

After the Coup. The National Council for Peace and Order Era and the Future of Thailand reviewed by Kevin Hewison

Authoritarian Modernism in East Asia reviewed by Michael D. Barr

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