The Politics of Marketising Asia

In a new review now posted to the JCA website, Karim Knio and Zuzana Novakova of the Institute of Social Studies review the edited collection, The Politics of Marketising Asia. Studies in the Political Economy of Public Policy (DOI: 10.1080/00472336.2015.1054129). The collection is edited by JCA co-editor Toby Carroll and Darryl Jarvis and published by Palgrave Macmillan.

Some of the chapters in this book began as articles in a very successful special issue of JCA, Neo-liberal Development, Risk and Marketising Asia.

The reviewers state that “What brings them together is the central importance of politics, the social relations of power and the local context in the analysis of marketisation under late capitalism in Asia. The underlying thematic thread is how the agendas of the neo-liberal project have come to assume their current form and what that form means for (the social fabric of) the region.”

They conclude:

Overall, this book raises some very interesting questions about the variegated effects of transformation of Asia’s developmental states under the uneven processes of neo-liberalisation as they unfold on, through and around the state. The chapters are well connected, while each is still a self-contained study that offers original and detailed insights into the case presented. Together they draw a vivid picture of the deepening neo-liberal agendas in the region; their ideational evolution; transformation of the reach, forms and functions of a developmental state operating in this changing environment; and the implications for social and political relations in the region.

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