Issue 3 for 2018 published

Issue number 3 for Volume 48 (2018) of the journal has gone to print and is available electronically at the publisher’s site.

This number is a regular issue, featuring six research articles, a commentary and four book reviews. Two of the articles are on Thailand, an article and commentary on Indonesia and articles on India, Taiwan and South Korea. This is the contents of the issue:

Anti-Royalism in Thailand Since 2006: Ideological Shifts and Resistance by an Anonymous author

Politics and the Price of Rice in Thailand: Public Choice, Institutional Change and Rural Subsidies by Jacob Ricks

Material Realities: Why Indonesian Deforestation Persists and Conservation Fails by Bernice Maxton-Lee

Taiwan’s Anti-Nuclear Movement: The Making of a Militant Citizen Movement by Ming-Sho Ho

Precarious Elderly Workers in Post-Industrial South Korea by Yun-Young Kim, Seung-Ho Baek & Sophia Seung-Yoon Lee

Political Neo-Malthusianism and the Progression of India’s Green Revolution by Adam B. Lerner

Commentary: A Last Word: Amendments and Corrections to Indonesia’s Colonial Surplus 1880–1939 by Alec Gordon

The book reviews in this issue are:

Energy, Governance and Security in Thailand and Myanmar (Burma): A Critical Approach to Environmental Politics in the South reviewed by Ashley South

Constitutionalism and Legal Change in Myanmar reviewed by Jonathan Liljeblad

Colonizing, Decolonizing, and Globalizing Kolkata. From a Colonial to a Post-Marxist City reviewed by Kevin Hewison

International Intervention and Local Politics by Natasha Hamilton-Hart

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